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You have a typo. First line under Headlines:

Lines that start with and asterisk

Should be an asterisk.

Someone else has suggested you are failing to adequately convey the rich possibilities for people in the know looking for advanced tools:


From my perspective, you also do a poor job of communicating with newcomers. It is not readily clear what this is and why they should be interested and the language is intimidating for an outsider/non-programmer.

If it were my website, I would remove the descriptors under your big links for Features, Install, Quickstart and Contribute. They add no real value and are just visual clutter, which is a problem when delivering information-dense content. In fact, I would remove the giant unicorn head in the very valuable above-the-fold section to make space for those four links, minus the extraneous descriptors. (Edit: By descriptors, I mean the part where you say extra stuff like "Yes. Do this." I don't mean the four one-word labels listed above.)

I would also remove "via" and "or" from your section indicating how people can provide financial support. I would either say "Support:" or "We take" or have no extra words and just post the three payment links.

Random thoughts from someone who knows absolutely nothing about this and has never before looked at your website, so take it with a grain of salt:

I wonder why you don't have a link to the Reddit sub r/orgmode.

In order to be more approachable for newbs without losing any vital info, I would reverse some of the initial info, something like this:

Keep notes, maintain to-do lists, plan projects, author documents, create computational notebooks, write literate programming and do so much more. All in a fast and effective plain text system.

An open-source extensible major mode for Emacs offering convenient plain text markup and more.

Also, if there is already some collection somewhere online of stories about people who have used this, I would link to it somewhere in this sentence:

Nearly every Org user has a story to tell about how Org enables and empowers them

If you wish to use any of the above, please feel free. If you wish to credit me to some degree for some of it, my name is Doreen Traylor and doreentraylor.com redirects to a site that is the closest thing to a business card that I have.

Thanks for the feedback Doreen, you've given me some food for thought :)

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