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UI Guideline (Handbook) – Standardize the Design/Code of the UI Components (uiguideline.com)
7 points by seruda 29 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

The project is interesting,(actually i like it a lot) but I still don't understand what the pro plan would include.

The idea so far is to allow any user to see all the information about "Possible Names" and "Reference Systems" for free.

But if the user wants to go deeper and know more about a component (e.g. Anatomy, Html structure, Figma & Sketch structure, etc) we're considering charge a yearly fee.

Actually, we don't know the exact price, because we didn't have in mind to charge, but we realize this project consumes us a lot of time going through every reference system, gathering all the good practices, synthesizing the information, etc.

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