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Even though this instrument sounds nothing like contemporary music, Russolo's manifesto describes very accurately the evolution of music genres and people's music taste after the industrial revolution.

> This musical evolution is paralleled by the multipication of machines, which collaborate with man on every front. Not only in the roaring atmosphere of major cities, but in the country too, which until yesterday was totally silent, the machine today has created such a variety and rivalry of noises that pure sound, in its exiguity and monotony, no longer arouses any feeling.

> For many years Beethoven and Wagner shook our nerves and hearts. Now we are satiated and we find far more enjoyment in the combination of the noises of trams, backfiring motors, carriages and bawling crowds than in rehearsing, for example, the “Eroica” or the “Pastoral”.

Based on this idea it should be no surprise that, for example, heavy metal riffs were invented by a factory worker or that the first techno music scene started in Detroit.

[1] Luigi Russolo. The Art of Noises: https://www.ubu.com/papers/russolo.html

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