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Fancy JavaScript excel library for browsers and node: xlsx-import
8 points by michalp4 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

We are glad to introduce to you XLSX-Import JS/TS library.


What it really does? That’s crazy simple – it allows you to import xlsx spreadsheet file with data into your system with defined TypeScript types. Basically you need xlsx file which has data in it, and it can have any form you want, use this library and all the data is on its place in your system. Well, best way to understand it is to see samples here:


Additionally I’ll give you some example here: Let’s imagine that you have sales department in your company, and all of your sales teams are working on xlsx files. They even have xlsx file with all their inventory that they are selling. But you have a system which has same inventory in it packed with all the data and lot of formulas. Sales team has to use your system, but they also want to use their xlsx file which has very specific form. All they want to do is to edit their file and import it to your system to create specific entry with this data – e.g. sales campaign with prices and inventory, which can be used by the rest of the company. You can do that very easily with this library. You just need to have to have this xlsx spreadsheet with defined TypeScript types and you are good to go! Sales will be working with their favourite tool and you will have it all in your system :)

What do you think about that? Would you use this library? If you have any ideas how it can be used or you think you have idea how to use it but don’t know it will fit, let’s discuss about it! :) We’ll try to describe how it can be used in your project.

Besides that we will be very thankful for leaving stars here - https://github.com/Siemienik/xlsx-import

It will make this library a lot more visible for other devs and push its development forward :)

Hi everyone :) I've just release new version v2.3.4-0

It is prerelease because we do a lot of stuff around organising issues and we precise the curse where we go.

In this release we added Vue & React samples, this proves that xlsx-import works great with browsers and the the famous frontend frameworks :-D .


Second thing is that we turn on GH CodeQL - which scan source code for looking vulnerabilities.

From my side I will say, that creating this library gives me a lot of fun. Every star (today 3 from hackernews), every watch, every contributor gives me a lot of motivation to develop it forward!

Thank you guys for any support :)

Advantages over read-excel-file?

Thank you for question :-) Really I do not like compare my work to any other. I've created this lib with bearing in mind do it simple at first.

Xlsx-import is created not only for lists imports, it additionally allows define import single object from spreadsheet (field Name takes from A1, field Age from B6 etc)

It is fully written in TS, supports typings really well.

Additionally it runs internally on ExcelJS, where I'm one of maintainers - developing xlsx-import I also fixes bugs in exceljs.

I'm also going to write a cli to this tool which will great works with xlsx-renderer.

Excellent! (no pun intended)

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