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I'm not moving, Erik (hueypriest) Martin is.

Everything else in your tracker is right on :)

I'm bummed this is such a story, though, because the real story is Erik's promotion (congrats, dude!) and Max (chromakode) joining the team. He's been a longtime code contributor (socialite) and active redditor for even longer (he also donates time to help breadpig, building stuff like WTFCNN.com for me).

I was simply asked by Conde to formally advise them from time to time about reddit & their general web strategy (and possibly consult on future mascots for new web properties). The chance to have some input on my baby was hard to pass up, but this is not even a part-time gig -- managing and growing the hipmunk brand & community is my fulltime commitment.

What exactly will Erik's new duties as GM entail? How does it differ from what he and Jeremy already do?

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