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100% think that all of us should know the technique that Dr. Sarno has discovered! I have had great success with neck, upper back/shoulder and lower back pain using the essence of what is going on here with pain.

The latest research I have had success with is based on Sarno's work and started with Dr. Schubiner's "Unlearn Your Pain" workbook and the "Unlearn Your Pain" podcast by Alan Gordon via Curable, plus all the Curable content has been GOLD for eliminating 90% of my pain so far. And I am at the tail end it it gets less and less every day (I can finally sleep through the night without having to move because of pain).

Life changing information here!!!

Some success stories using these techniques specifically on RSI and carpaltunnel are here:



And, the Seattle Repetitive Injury Support Team even states on their website > "we think we have finally found a cure for most RSI cases". http://www.satori.org/rist/

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