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Diablo (Pitch from 1994) (2016) [pdf] (graybeardgames.com)
28 points by tosh 38 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

> The entire game operates on a turn-based system

Diablo was initially meant to be turn-based and was only later changed to real-time. According to the lead programmer the change was decided by a show of hands [0].

[0] https://youtu.be/huPF3Gid7DE?t=30

>Condor plans to spend one year in the development of Diablo. Personnel will consist of: one designer, one chief programmer and two junior programmer; two art director/artists, one illustrator/sculptor and three pixel artist/illustrators; and one music/sound effects person.

Wonder if that worked out.

Well, Diablo was released Dec. 31, 1996, so, I guess it worked out okay-ish? I have no idea how many personnel were on the dev team, and their seniority levels, but, the timetable is pretty consistent with the estimate.

I love this. Simple, direct, comprehensive. The only thing that's puzzling was how much space was devoted to describing the main menu - even in 1994 I feel that's pretty self-explanatory.

One year for 10 people is pretty crazy - some projects that amount to adding a button and some new logic to an existing web UI can take at least that long.

love story nuggets like these:

> According to Brevik, when Blizzard South came up to start to see how Diablo's multiplayer code would incorporate with Battle.net, they discovered then that Diablo had no multiplayer code as Brevik nor others had any idea how to write such code. Blizzard South sent employees up to Blizzard North, including Mike O'Brien, at that point to incorporate multiplayer for Diablo and interface with Battle.net over the last six months of development.


I loved this game and it's sequels. Amazing to bow see the original pitch idea for it.

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