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IHP is the best web framework experience I have had. I think a lot of aspiring haskeller's will have worked their way through a text like Learn You a Haskell For Great Good or similar and then be looking to fool around with an actual project.

IHP uses nix to cut out all the work of setting up ghc/stack/cabal which can be quite tricky for a beginner, it has just added haskell language server integration, it starts your postgres servers, it spares you from having to remember your SQL syntax, and means you can start writing haskell code instantly while getting immediate feedback on your hacking from GHCi and visually through the live reloading of the web app in your browser.

I've found the [hsx||] quasiquotes quite fun to work with and type safety has sped up development by preventing bugs that can easily crop up when you're linking forms to databases.

I like the design choices in IHP, and for me, at the moment, I like the focus on server side web app development, which encourages you to be more sparing/judicious in the use of javascript.

With IHP being opinionated about the models/views and routing it means I can focus on integrating some of the other really cool haskell libraries that exist into web apps. (I'm also trying to keep a log of my experiences here on an https://ihpcafe.ihpapp.com if you want to read along with someone figuring out function type signatures ;) )

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