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I have been learning Haskell through IHP. It's the best and actually simplest web framework I have ever tried.

The developer experience is the best I ever had for a MVC-style framework. And I got to learn Haskell without banging my head too much against the wall. Really enjoyed it :)

I really needed something like IHP to get started with Haskell. It's fun and easy and the documentation is very easy to follow.

I see some argue that they wish to make more custom choices regarding the setup. That is precisely what I don't want and that's why IHP is a great fit for me.

In terms of simplicity I think the choice of supporting only Nix and Postgres actually are strengths at this point. That lets them streamline the development of the framework without supporting the minor preferences of every individual. And these choices should work really well for most web developers.

Some may disagree on this, and maybe IHP is not for them, but I don't think it shouldn't discourage those who considers trying it out and form their own opinion.

I was prepared for great hardships learning Haskell as most of the resources are very academic and I'm mainly just a simple application builder. IHP was just what I needed to fill that gap, and it made it really fun :)

I am tweeting about the whole thing, coding Haskell for 100 days: https://twitter.com/larsparsfromage

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