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I decided at a young age to forgive my parents for their faults and also admit my own wrongdoings. Even when these wrongdoings were sometimes the result of my parents unkind actions. This was a dialogue with myself, a prayer I guess.

As a result I decided to tell my Mum I loved her. Let's just say the didn't go well. It was an important step for me however. I have my own wonderful family now and saying I love you doesn't come easy but I do it.

I'm nearly 50 and time has taught me two things. People are generally self-focussed. Thankfully there are those who put others first. Luckily I married one. Secondly, parents often get it tough and then bring their brokenness with them into their own family. It doesn't excuse them but understanding your parent's journey can sometimes make you more aware of what they did do for you rather than what they didn't do for you.

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