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Get free backup service for your database and storage (github.com/negati-ve)
50 points by ziggystardust 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

"Docker container to Backup mysql database and minio storage to Google drive using RCLONE and CRON every 30 mins."

Sounds like a great way to get your Google account banned for a suspicious activity.

People (ab)use rclone + Google drive for worse, and I have yet to hear of anyone's account getting banned because of it.

This isn't your regular google drive that you login to store your documents.

This is a separate google drive provisioned specifically to be used via API through google cloud

I think Google Cloud has a Google Drive API for such use cases

Yep. Go look at r/DataHoarder if you want real life examples of people doing so.

Isn't google cloud meant to be used for such use cases?

Reference please

What's the criteria to get a google account banned?

> What's the criteria to get a google account banned?

I don't think even people working at abuse detection at Google know the criteria. It's just AI.

I think it is great that you've found a cool use for rclone, but at the same time don't see how this hits front page when it is basically a cron for running `rclone copy` every 30 minutes which is highly prone to issues. You'd be much better off just mounting your remote storage and running another tool to keep things synced, or utilize Restic or something else for backups.

haha .. I don't know why this made it to front page either!

Probably the fact that it sort of takes advantage of google as a free backup service

How much storage do you get?

15GB per service account for google cloud projects without an organization attached aka free accounts

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