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How I Made $1,703 in My First Month on Upwork (medium.com/the-ascent)
11 points by Koraza 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

> I clocked in 106 hours for $1,703 in my first month on Upwork.

So $16 an hour. There is a lot of flexibility of course, but this person does also sound elite for that pay scale. They are even making sure the opening of their proposal has a punch to it.

Are there low time commitment opportunities out there that pay way better?

My company has one, just a few hours a week, higher pay, and it eventually is even more economical, not needing proposals etc. Just wondering how common those low-hour part time jobs are.

For a remote "content writer with a knack for SEO" that seems ok? not sure about better-paying opportunities in that space.

This is on my 'todo' list, cause I often have feast/famine cycles. I figure charge cheap for maybe 10 clients till you get good reviews, then bump it up to $70-80/hour. Seems there's lots of devs doing that, and getting clients. But, you need to have a good reputation.

I currently avg $40 for laravel development (Utah) - 8 years experience.

I'd like to be worth more, but I'm not great at selling myself... a decade ago I was making $10 an hour, in SEO / marketing, or $15 delivering pizzas - even though I built websites as a hobby since 1998.

Point being, I always saw myself as low-income, so $40 is like woah..I've arrived! Even though, with bills it really doesn't go that far, and I'd like to double it (maybe by launching a SaaS, if I can't raise my rates organically).

I'm not sure clocking more than 5 hours a day can be defined as "part-time". Not to mention you need to add all the sales time (research, writing letters and coming up with punch lines, correspondence etc).

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