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Why is PayPal so successful yet they treat merchants like crap? (2019) (capitalandgrowth.org)
18 points by jkuria 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I run a business with reletively high volume. Our transactions go through stripe but we also have Paypal checkout option. About 80% of the people landing on our site choose Paypal.

It has nothing to do with "got my back" because they still use a credit card to pay through paypal. The main reason is it is easy to just hit Paypal, and approve despite of the dark patterns (I can't believe how many times I've had to switch between my bank a/c source and creditcard or paypal balance... fuck you Paypal PMs for making this confusing on purpose), and there is no need to fill out credit card forms.

Stripe folks if you're listening - I am reporting from the battle field - please work on a Stripe user account and it will kill Paypal instantly. Just login with Stripe account on any store and instantly checkout. Whenever I have an Apple Pay option, I choose it because it is instant. Filling out credit card details is the real problem.

Because although they may be treating merchants as crap, as a customer/buyer they've got my back, so I always favor a seller offering Paypal to the other who doesn't.

Meaning PayPal customers aren’t reliable as far as merchants are concerned.


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