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Musk uses Twitter to express himself. He says Twitter is a war zone:


Like I said, just look at the data. Does he or does he not answer questions people have?

Expressing himself does not preclude him from answering questions.

It’s logic. A being true does not preclude B being true unless B = not(A).


You’re telling people to look at the data, by linking to his Twitter profile which shows around 12,600 tweets? Why don’t you try searching his mentions to get an idea of how many tweet questions he (nevermind Tesla) gets in a single day that go unanswered?

Sure. Go to Twitter and search for @elonmusk.

I don’t know how or whether you can link to mentions.

How many PR requests go unanswered?

Most of them:


People have stopped bothering to ask because they don't get answers. To quote this article, "While The Drive would contact Tesla for an explanation of Gigafactory Berlin's situation, the automaker recently disbanded its communications department.":


He uses Twitter to call people paedophiles:


Is that good PR or bad PR?

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