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[flagged] Facebook deletes satire post claiming Dem Senator testing ACB as a witch (twitter.com/the_kyle_mann)
53 points by briefcomment 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

For those not familiar with the witch/duck reference, it's from the film 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. Here's the clip:


For anyone who didn't understand the ACB reference, but got the duck reference, it's the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

you're my hero.

Nuanced understanding of humor is not a strong characteristic of censors.

They re literally a satire publication. How much more explicit can they be about it.

If you see a babylon bee article without context you may not realize. Arguably, part of the fun of satire is when people only figure it out halfway through. But if someone is only scanning headlines, they may never get that far. So I can see facebook wanting to do something about it.

Trump quote-tweeted a Babylon Bee post saying that Twitter had taken down the site in order to slow the spread of bad Biden news.

The censors (content moderators) are low paid third-world contractors[1].

While they have English skills, they aren't immersed in American culture and might misunderstand the humor, even if it is labeled satire.

[1] https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/07/25/social-...

Yes, there is this delusion that the majority of the world should know and care about the Holocaust for instance.

They don't and nor should they. It's a Western centric concept and for most of the world were it has no relevance it's hard to understand.

(You might argue all incidents like that should be taught in all schools, but until the West starts they can't expect anyone else to care about their bugbears)

I feel like history classes focus too much on inane specifics and on chronology. I would have preferred general topics, and an overview of worldwide events that qualify for those topics.

For example -

Genocides: The holocaust, Rwandan genocide, Armenien genocide, etc.

Empires: British, Mongol, Roman etc.

Wars: WWII, WW1, Mongol Wars, etc.

Fastest expanding empires, Most peaceful periods, Most scientifically productive periods, etc.

I think this eliminates much of what you learn from history when you study it. Knowing what lead into WW1 and WW2 spanned for decades before, and were much more important than learning the actual facts of the war. History isn't really the study of what happened, rather it's the study of the consequences of what happened. Going in chronological order gives you a sense of what to expect based off what is happening.

This is worse, this will present the subject as a stand alone manifestation, instead as a part of a continuum.

I was actually surprised at how much time my elementary school curriculum spent on the Holocaust (as in multiple weeks).

Never heard about Armenian and Rwandan genocides until college.

I didn’t say anything about liberal / conservative. I’m talking about anyone who is a censor.

Too bad the Babylon Bee is unfunny trash Onion wannabe.

Not sure if this particular incident is true but Facebook and Snopes have been on the attack on The Babylon Bee in the past.

Does the same happen to The Onion?

It's why fact checking just can't work. There's too much bias in people.

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