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Show HN: I made a macOS app to let you turn On/Off the Touch Bar at will
23 points by clemstation 8 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments
I bought a new Macbook a few months ago and I found myself hitting the Touch Bar accidentally pretty often. After some frustrations, I made an app to turn it off at will. I found it so convenient I decided to add extra features (auto launch, auto update, ...) and release it for others to use.

It would be really great to hear what you guys think so please feel free to share any feedback.

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I hope it will be as useful to you as it is to me!

Website : https://hidemybar.clemstation.com/

I just downloaded this and tried to try it. Some feedback:

It showed me a hotkey. I figured I could read it out of the config later, so I ignored it.

I run it. I have an open eye in my menubar. It has one option, "activate license". This seems to imply I should buy a license, but that I didn't get any popup when installing it telling me that I need a license to do anything, I'm not 100% sure.

Assuming it works as advertised, I'd probably pay $10 for it. I might pay $15 for it. But, I'd want to see it work first (it can have a 30 day trial, or one week trial), AND I feel tricked into downloading on unclear terms, AND after I installed it, it's really not making anything clearer. It didn't say it had a trial, but there's usually not a big clear download button right on the front page for an app that you can only pay for without a trial. Usually, there's an email to a download link, or a less prominent download button, because if you paid, you know you want to download it an will spend an extra second beyond expecting a giant button.

The touchbar leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I'd have been delighted to turn it off, but the whole experience of downloading this app and attempting to try it out and my mild confusion with the useless icon it leaves in my menubar without so much as properly explaining that it does nothing sort of wasted my time, confused me, and left a bad taste in my mouth so I'm going to uninstall the app and forget about it.

Maybe it's just me, but just honest feedback that I don't think most people would even bother to explain.

Thanks theonemind, I really appreciate the honest feedback. I understand the frustration of downloading the app and having to buy the license. I'll work on having a trial period which should make it more fair to users. Once you activate a license though the icon in the menu bar allows you to configure the app, control the Touch Bar, .. and I hope it's then not totally useless :) Thanks again!

Nice work, and I think the price is fair for such a small but useful feature

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you think the price is fair.

Oh sweet. That drives me crazy.

hehe it drove me crazy too :)

Consider releasing it under the GPLv3 and I'll definitely check it out!

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