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Show HN: InSeason helps you to save CO² by eating seasonal (simon-frey.com)
14 points by l1am0 5 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

Looks neat! I'd be curious to see what's out of season though - as anything missing here makes me question if it's simply not supported by the website, or if it's not in season.

Nice idea. Will add it to the bottom of the page :)

It would be nice to see also “out of season” vegetables, so that I don’t have to assume that if it’s not on this graphic that it’s out of season.

Added that :D

I really don't understand what the green bar represents. Also how do some vegetables have 675 days left, wouldn't that be all year?

It represents how many percent of the season is over. But apparently that is not clear enough. Any idea how I could design that better?

Gotcha. I expected the bar to be relative to the other produce. I guess I don't really care that a vegetable is 105/200 days remaining because the total length of that specific vegetables season is kinda irrelevant in this context.

Changed the layout, I think it's clearer now without the bar :D

Yeah maybe a pure. Boolean is in season or not might be the best. Will try that today

In season where?

Nice though - I've wanted this to exist, but haven't been so motivated to build it - thanks!

In season in the EU (as of why the flag)

I aggregated all data of different countries and cross-referenced it as I think a in-europe transport is still fine :)

Ah so it's now all out of season for me in the UK.. ;)

I wasn't sure if the flag was to indicate that it just your citizenship. If you wanted to build on it further, I think there would be value in location filtering, since it depends why someone is interested.

Perhaps, for example, someone is more strict in their views than you and thinks eating Maltese produce (uh..) in the Netherlands isn't ok.

Or in my own case, it's not actually about 'food miles', just an interest in eating more locally and 'forcing' some variety or creativity by something not being available.

same here - I had created a document with some of the vegetables and the best months to eat them that my mom had told me about but this is much better :)

I really over-complicated it, thinking that the data's so not-proprietary and generally useful that it really should be in Wikidata, and then the app just lightweight wrapper drawing from that.

So naturally, as I do with all things, I thought about it and thought about it, decided how I wanted it to be ideally, and didn't do anything at all.

What about CO<subscript>2</subscript>?

If you eat seasonal in your country or in this case the EU, less transport of food is required and you safe CO².

e.g. You can eat strawberries all year round, but if you eat them out of season they are flown in from afrika which produces a lot of CO²

The less you spend on produce, the lower the carbon footprint. All* spending in the current economic system results in a proportional amount of carbon being generated. *Not all, but very close.

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