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Show HN: QR-to-QR – enables two phones (with front cameras) to share text (github.com/sradc)
8 points by montebicyclelo 8 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Easy exchange of electronic business cards, when you can control who is standing in front of you at a busy conference, but you can’t control the hundreds or thousands of Bluetooth devices that might be around you?

Interesting idea! I'd be tempted to make it web based, and to just use the QR to send a link, rather than the whole card.

I love this. It's ridiculous and interesting and it's the kind of software I love. Good job! I'm a fan.

Thank you, I might quote this at some point :D

:D. Creating quotable content since 2020 ;p

Let me know if you can think of a use case for this..

How about protestors using it to exchange information while avoiding any observable electronic transmission?

I'd be interested to know if it was a good fit for that. What kind of information do you think might be exchanged? (Currently the rate of transfer is relatively slow, but for small-ish amounts of information it could be ok).

...It would be fun to add Diffie-Hellman to the app.

this is kinda cool

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