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Get Your Facebook Account in ‘Good Standing’ Before Buying Oculus Quest 2 (uploadvr.com)
36 points by haunter 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Better yet: Don't buy one.

As much as I'd want to buy one I'd rather not waste my money on a device that can become a brick just because I'm <var1> or I comment about <var2>.

I brick things on my own. I don't need help for that.

Ah yes, let me prove that I am worthy enough to use the $400 device I just "bought".

Makes me wonder how these things happen and how no one at Oculus turns this feature off when the first case turned up at their offices.

It's not unlike the social credit score that China uses. Facebook wants to influence behavior and what better way to do that than to enforce that you have to abide by their rules to use that big purchase you got.

Otherwise it's an expensive paperweight.

Well I think Oculus is a no go for a lot of people now, as cheap as they are.

What's with the "Good Standing" thing? I've heard people got banned for simply linking their Facebook and Oculus account. Why does Facebook consider this reasonable? Why remove people's ability to play games because they broke the TOS for an entirely different platform? You're not my mom.

If FB looks at an account in depth for a new Oculus, why don't they just start scanning all accounts and locking them for the same violations?

Because then they couldn't justify the cost to advertisers while eliminating the potential reach of ads.

Do they not see the completely dystopian nature of this sentence? "Get your account with us in good standing before you do X" George Orwell called and wants his copyright back.

This is why I have relatively new early occulus device sitting boxed on a shelf -- I got it just after ditching FB and just befor FB bought Occulus.

Any particular reason why you didn't sell it and get a better headset (Index or HP Reverb G2)?

That's great because I don't have a Facebook account and never will.


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