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Ask HN: How can we help with the 2020 presidential election?
5 points by systemvoltage 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments
I am a full stack engineer and have some bandwidth on the weekends. Can we do something like help with dashboards or ballot counting process?

This is a historic election with massive volume.

Close the laptop. Get out of your chair. Say "I am a citizen, not a full stack engineer" as you go out into meat space and act upon it. Good luck.

Provide a direct interface to the various .gov data sources, starting with just a comprehensive list of those sources.

Various media outlets spend significant resources doing almost this, but they, whatever their history, have a vested interest in an information differential.

A significant unfilled gap is raw sourced (permanently, by hash) data (like pictures of rallies) on IRL engagement and social media engagement (like live stream viewer counts).

Some problems that can have tech solutions is to improve access and collating to information. Note there is a lot of fragmentation in quality of information across US counties.

- polling station locations in a county

- expected waiting times

- ballot box posting locations

- ballot box deadlines

- voter registration deadlines

- initiatives in a county

Not directly answering OPs question, but I think VoteBox[0] answers most of those criteria you're mentioning (except initiatives and waiting times)

[0] https://votebox.us/

Volunteer for vote counting/processing. It's super important. The more people handling the votes, the shorter the queues, the less people don't bother to vote because they don't have time to stand in line all day.

Have a look at this page over at DNC’s web site: https://democrats.org/take-action/

If I had to do something, I’d identify the ‘up for grabs’ states (basically everything in the Rust belt Trump won last time, and places like Pennsylvania), and then ... I’m not sure. That’s where we need the most data and reporting of foul play.

The other thing is I had to go through a little bit of searching to find my mail in ballot online form. Time for that is running out, but I bet clear links to that for every state would be nice.

A Reddit like clone for each of these states would be good to see what others are also saying about finding these links, locations, reported issues.

You’ve got about 5 or so do days to get this up for any of this to be useful before time runs out, best of luck.

It’s weird how states send out these text broadcasts for coronavirus info and phone notifications for Amber alerts and hurricanes, but we don’t do it for election information. There is a lot to be desired for sure in this space.

If you work at facebook, delete their codebase.

I know this was snarky and probably in violation of site guidelines, but it is my personal opinion that Facebook is the main impetus in the hatred and division between political ideals in the US right now.

Volunteer at your polling station. Make sure your neighbors are receiving their ballots.

Data driven model to identify likely election fraud.

Here is statistical analysis of Russian constitutional referendum for reference:


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