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Ask HN: How can I make SaaS product more accessible to developing economies?
4 points by zkid18 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments
The question might be too broad, and definitely requires more information about about the product to provide an accurate answer. However I interesting generally in any sort of discriminative pricing initiatives in that area. The ethical part also confuse me a bit.

B2B apps developed in the west are unlikely to be useful for developing markets given the disparate priorities and market structure between developing and developed economies.

However, for B2C products (e. g: Figma, PhotoPea) you could charge a much lower price based on billing address, similar to how for example Spotify costs much less in the Philippines than in the UK.

By accessible you mean how can you sell more to them? I think the same aggressive marketing structure also applies. Put a lot of money, take a lot of money.

Make it open source. What is ethical about profiting from developing countries if your intention is to help?

To get bankrupt and shutdown service is much less ethical.

There is no free lunch.

Open source is not a free lunch

Only if you managed to build a viable business model around it.

Which seems to be a risky endeavor in comparison to subscription SaaS.

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