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Ask HN: What are your sidehustle pitfalls?
2 points by rmac 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
to all of you on HN that have attempted or considered a sidehustle, be it saas or selling sandwiches, what has been the most challenging or counter intuitive pitfall along the way across:

1) actually getting started, what held you back from doing a sidehustle?

2) how did you keep at it when things got hard?

3) scaling it or not?

from all the sidehustle marketing posts on hn it seems there's a formula i'm missing, as i've never been able to get something set up. insights from the battle hardened side hustlers would share the stoke!

I’ve never found a concrete “approach” to “keeping at it” and doubt one exists at all. You either do it or you don’t. It doesn’t help to ask yourself how badly you want it or whether it’s worth it or what purpose it serves or to say affirming things to yourself in the mirror. That’s all bullshit easily said by people who just keep going anyway for whatever reason or who can’t make peace with having given up. The marginal utility of tips and tricks and strategies and tactics is inversely proportional to their seductiveness. Don’t waste energy looking for answers. If you make a dollar or a million dollars or don’t build what you wanted or don’t build anything at all, it won’t be because you did or didn’t know why.

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