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Yeah, down-vote me. I like it...

http://ccan.ozlabs.org/info/talloc.html talloc is LGPL v2

This is actually a bit confusing. My guess is that talloc changed its license at some point.

The ccan version http://ccan.ozlabs.org/info/talloc.html says it is based upon svn://svnanon.samba.org/samba/branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/lib/talloc revision 23158 , and is LGPLv2.

I believe http://talloc.samba.org/talloc/doc/html/talloc_8h_source.htm... is the latest version, 2.0.5 from 10-Jan-2011. That version does appear to be LGPLv3.

(Note that both appear to have the "or (at your option) any later version" clause, but that's largely irrelevant in this case.)

Why didn't you just put that link in your first comment?

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