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> Was there ever a moment like "Oh no, I should rewrite my story in german, because I could better express the ideas"?

I wonder if this 2 page free-verse poem work better as half a dozen rhymed couplets?

> Have you ever left your pen on the desk, coming back the other day, just to find out it does not work if you write the letters z and I?

"Where's my favourite pen? Did you steal my pen??" - stares accusingly at the cat.

> After fixing said pen, you wife asks you to do the same with hers because she needs to write a notification for the kids?

"Why did you give the pen to the kid? Is it out of ink because he's been drawing on the walls again?? What do you mean he tried to flush it down the toilet???"

> Coming back and after finding out what exactly you want to write, seeing that you can't buy paper anymore that works with that stupid pen, so you have to make your own?

"Don't you dare wipe down that wall! Yes, I know it's blood. It's my blood! You drop that cloth now!! Dammit - I spent ages getting those end-rhymes right ..."

Thank you very very much. This made my day :-).

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