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OMG, so I actually pushed to gh my latest sunnday project with that repo name.

It's yet another ( unfinished ) template using my TypeScript fav stack.

I managed to make AcccountsJS work in nextjs API which was an awesome feeling after weeks of struggling with it lol. at the end I managed to provide my TypeORM connection in a differeent way using conneecctionManager instead of createConnection, which didn't work nicely with Next's HMR

Now I need to get the fontend apollo parts...

Anyway just in case someeone is interested: https://github.com/agustif/sunday/

AccountsJS Boilerplate template with TypeScript, NextJS, Apollo and GraphQL.

Also under the hood TypeORM and Postgres for the ORM and DB.

Working on the frontend now, gonna use bumbag.style for UI frontend.

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