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how do you do the tax deduction part? Probably this is American specific, I don't think I can deduct time on a side project here in Denmark but tell me anyway, maybe I can translate the ideas.

Here in Australia, I could deduct any costs associated with a side project from my income, things like cloud hosting, subscriptions etc.

Australia has a very accomodating approach towards personal income tax deductions. I can deduct any work or business related expenses. If the expense was also for personal purposes, I can still claim the portion used for work. For example, if I buy a Macbook and use it for working 40 hours a week, and then 10 hours of personal use, I can deduct 80% of the cost from my income.

As I'm working from home, all my office furniture is tax deductible, as well as my power and internet bills.

Then because I'm a software developer, any software or hardware that I use while I'm working is also deductible; keyboards, monitors, cables, etc. I can even deduct the cost of a new backpack if I use it to carry my laptop!

I'm sorry I was trying to say "my side project is my family" and misremembered the title of an old movie.

It was actually this:


In the UK, businesses can claim tax relief for R&D [0] - there may be something similar in the US.

[0] https://www.gov.uk/guidance/corporation-tax-research-and-dev...

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