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So I'd like to know which companies support this -- and do not support this.

I know some companies are famously leave-water-at-home-we-drink-koolaid-here cough! (apple) cough!

Granted I've worked only for smallish companies (<2000 people) but most places don't have specific policies _not_ to do it, especially if you do your due diligence security wise, and don't show the company in bad light.

If you make it a very nice looking OS project, most of the time they are either on board or don't care too much.

But I really check for this at the interview stage, and they must have a really good reason not to, compensated accordingly.

Didn't Apple start doing OS as well though? I think there are a bunch of projects from them already.

Apple has been gradually declining in open source stuff.

They have opened swift, but that's sort of a funnel anyway.

The real problem is folks who work there say it's really hard to open source stuff as an employee.

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