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If anyone does NOT get this reference... please watch

Office Space https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0151804/

That reminds me: I have literally written a TPS report before. In my case, it stood for "Test Plan & Strategy," and I made sure to use the new cover sheet, so it all worked out.

Thanks for the reference, I personally didn’t do the connection.

But wanted to mention that its so cool that offices no longer look like that, at least where I live.

It used to be similar, even worse as a post soviet country. But it’s now so soo much better.

I haven’t seen most of the puns and sarcastic observations from that movie in quite a while.

Now we have different problems of course, but it all seems a bit more sensible now, as if we as a society have grown up a bit.

It's funny, I was thinking the opposite. How I would love to have a cubicle all to myself. They had soooo much more desk space in the Office Space days. You could really spread out without knocking elbows with your desk buddies.

Yup. All I need for comfortable work is a set of obstacles that break line-of-sight between me (and my screen) and everyone else. Noise I can kill with headphones. Having walls on which I could hang diagrams and printouts would be a nice benefit.

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