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Does the phrase "screen time" require such a harsh response?

I get it. Computering has been my hobby and job for many years. I'd do it more if my body would cooperate. But it's cool if some folks just want to leave it behind when they clock out.

It is. Forcing people to work on side projects is just as stupid as claiming that people who work on side projects are somehow freaks.

I think depending on your sensitivity to these things there’s probably a spectrum of fatigue caused by a day of screen gazing and headphone music.

I know I personally regularly burn out on both screen and music during work hours and prefer more athletic hobbies in my free time because of that.

> That doesn't give me some ridiculous notion that I got too much book time, chair time, table time, pen time, etc...

Sitting too much is bad for you too though.

I just have other shit to do. I’d love to spend another couple hours a week doing random projects but there’s only so much time. Especially once you have kids.

I don’t think people complain about too much screen time at work, so much as they complain about too much screen time in general. It’s just that most of it happens at work.

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