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I spent today walking around a gorgeous park I didn't know existed in a city I've lived in for almost thirty years total, then hung out in a cafe discussing the interpretation of a favorite piece of fiction online, and drawing a goofy Halloween image.

Sunday is what you make of it. Get the hell out of the house and you're less likely to sit on your ass scrolling all the endless scrolls. It helps if you forgot to charge your phone last night so you have barely enough battery for stuff you actually need, too.

When the weather allows it, I love to pack an "adventure" backpack and ride my bicycle to interesting places. I carry a notebook, some pens, a water bottle, snacks, warm clothes, and other things that might help on my journey. I'll stop for coffee, museums, interesting scenery, sketching, etc.

These little adventures give me time to relax, reflect, do some exercise and explore my city. It's thoroughly satisfying.

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