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I've been sitting on a nice domain name (no specifics...) and it's been a "someday, I'm going to build this simple idea" application.

A few days ago, someone offered to buy the domain. Not for much money, but still, it's a kick in the pants.

I'm going to build that thing. Probably take me a few weeks, it'll scratch the itch, and it might even be useful. I've spent a couple hours fleshing out some user interaction and it looks like it'll be fun.

What else are rainy days for?

Can we form a club? For co-motivation (read: guilt).

I would like to second this.

3rded... wait maybe there's an idea here.

If you don't build somethhing for this $SuperAwesomeDomainIdeea in 30 days, it will start auctioning.


haha so put the unused projects/domains/whatever into a central trust. If you don't 'do' something with it in the 30 days it becomes 'available' to anyone else in the pool.

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