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I've felt this way before. The only thing that's worked is to either take a bunch of time off, or change jobs.

I don't really try to do "productive side projects" on weekends; mostly I read books, go outside, play music, spend time with friends and family, etc. But if my 9-5 job doesn't scratch the itch of "using my hard-earned talents for a constructive purpose", then the inexorable approach of Sunday night brings with it a deep feeling of dread: freedom to pursue things I enjoy is coming to an end, mandatory drudgery is fast approaching.

The author of the page we're discussing recommends unproductive side projects and presents us with one. This is worth emulating. Productive side projects are just more work, and sometimes you're tired of work. A good unproductive side project gives you something fun to think about all the time. If your mind wanders at work, this gives it a good place to go. It only works if you're having fun though.

I go for time well spent, which encompasses productive activities, but also the activities you listed.

If I could spend the rest of my life having similar days, then it was a good day. That metric allows for more than just productive work.

I like that metric. I've definitely done projects in the past, just haven't had an inspiration in a while.

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