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Last weekend I finished reading "The Non-Designer's Design Book": http://www.amazon.co.uk/Non-Designers-Design-Book-Robin-Will....

So, I decided to test my newly formed designer skills and modify the look of the site here: http://i.imgur.com/k6y0g.png

The central point of the book is that we can tell when something is off with a design, but rarely we know how to fix it. So, yea this is what I thought need fixing on the site:

1. There is conflict between "What" and "Less Boilerplate" Header. Firstly, the fonts are the same size, so they are competing for who gets viewed first. Second, the orange on "What" is a warm color so it will stand our more, hence overpowering the header. So, I shrunk the "What" and increase "Less Boilerplate."

2. Too control the eyeflow from top to bottom, I increase the size of the navigation bar.

3. I increased repetition by changing the color of the header to white,the text to white and the separator in the navigation bar to white.

4.To highlight the "What" more I indent the text under it. And also set the text under it to be the same font size. There is no conflict here, since the header "What" is already highlighted alot.

5. To show what items that are important under "What", I bold the text that is not in the list.

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1) I agree. I made the H1 the same color as the examples (close to white, with some cream) and reduced the size of the H2s.

2) I agree that the navigation and H2s should have a similar visual weight, so the nav. got bigger.

3) I'm not a fan of dropout text for large quantities, so it's staying dark, but I did brighten the background to increase readability.

4) A rule of thumb for me is that you only need one layer of emphasis for a differentiation of text. Both of our solutions are currently breaking that rule, and I happen to like larger text.

Thanks for the feedback and mockup!

Not sure if over-emphasizing the site title and the navigational layout at the expense of the content is the right way to go. As a HN reader I came to the site for the content, but in your screenshot the content is small and hard to read.

That said, +1 for applying what you learned, even if it may still need some tweaking...

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