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EU recommends 1.44M resettlements in 2020 “to fulfil its moral duty” [pdf] (europa.eu)
9 points by s9w 16 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

For context, it would represent about 0.3% of the EU population.

Moreover, the 1.44M is not stated as a target anywhere in the report.

Yes, I agree that the headline misrepresents the document. The UNHCR (not the EC or EU) estimates that 1.44 million people need resettlement in 2020. The European commission (EC) doesn't set a figure but urges member countries to show solidarity with those displaced and supports member states in taking in refugees. EU countries pledge 29,487 places between them in 2020. Given that there was 150,000 migrants arriving across the Mediterranean in 2019 I can see the EC's and southern Europe's problem.

It represents 1.7% of the German population - in one year on top of everything else.

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