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I'm flagging this as I'm getting feed up by everyone and his mom who have read "how to get your product mentioned on HN's front page". Or; write an anaemic blog post about your new product, submit it to HN with a discussion friendly title.

This is just nothing. It doesn't say what the service -is-, or why it would be the future. It just asks an open-ended question and provides no value whatsoever.

It may not be the future, but I certainly hope it's at least a big part of the future for several reasons:

* I don't want the news industry to die. They're currently very inefficient and hope that they will at some point convert to a novel syndicated model. This could be a small step towards that. This is also good in that, among other things, it could also lead to fewer conflicts of interests between the journalism (is that still alive?) that is expected of them and those that sustain them which they often find themselves reporting about.

* A personalized reading experience is much better than hunting down interesting stuff, especially if you're busy--and are willing to pay (hint, hint). This is a tough problem, but in a decade's time, it will be tackled significantly.

* Ads suck. Getting fewer, personalized ads (if any) is much better. The above makes it possible. Have you checked out the NY Times recently? I had a huge banner add roll down and take up half my screen. Ridiculous! Not to mention what the likes of the Huffington Post are willing to do with ads.


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