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Actaully, I'm on the couch in front of the fireplace, watching old SNL, waiting patiently for Amazon to fix their shit, and figuring out how we can not use EBS anymore.

I'm pretty sure redditors would be more than happy to deal with a day or so extra downtime as you guys switched to a better platform. Just leave a simple page up saying "Dumping Amazon, brb"... doubt you'd get many complaints.

TBH Amazon is so bad at this point that turning off Reddit is as good as trying to keep it running. Of course then you need to deal with the increased suicide rate.

Right on.

Periodically, latest a couple of days ago, there's a post / discussion about whether outsourcing core functionality is the right thing to do. There are valid points on both sides of the issue.

For my part, if I'm going to be up in the middle of the night I'd rather be up working on fixing something rather than up fretting and checking status. But either way things get fixed. The real difference comes in the following days and weeks. When core stuff is in the cloud then you can try to get assurances and such, fwiw. When core stuff is in-house then you spend time, energy and money making sure you can sleep at night.

A couple of years ago you had expressed interest in making a port to App Engine, any interest in doing that still? Want any help? ;)

I think it would take a lot more time than we have to make that work. Our code is open source if you want to give a proof of concept a go. ;)

On the off chance a port to app engine coalesces around this comment, count me in :)

So I was half right? Awesome!

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