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There is so much good stuff in here. Not only was Metcalfe front and center in many of the most important developments surrounding the development of computer networks and the internet, but he is a phenomenally cogent and entertaining speaker. His recollection of detailed specifics (dates, names, numbers, etc.) is impressive and makes the stories richer. I have read/watched dozens of these oral histories by now, and his is one of my very favorites. He also has had a much more diverse career than most, spanning the range from technology to business to punditry. If you have time, I also recommend watching the video version of the interview on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKz07DdaKzw

Nice! Thanks.

I have to admit though, reading the PDF, only confirms my feeling that all the counter-culture computer guys were all a bit nuts. Like no joke, semi crazy.

"I’ve had this thing about AT&T ever since. Of course, AT&T was subsequently in 1984 gutted, but it’s coming back now so I have to be careful. I’m going to have to go into the basement and rearm now that AT&T is coming back."

You really get the sense that he's only half-kidding. Maybe quarter kidding.

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