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Probability and Statistics with Applications to Computing [pdf] (alextsun.com)
71 points by ArtWomb 20 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

So these are basically lecture slides for statistics like they are taught in any math or statistics b.sc.

I bet there are gazillion lecture slides like this and hundred books about these topics. Can you elaborate a bit more why you posted this particular one here on HN now? Am I missing something?

Quite simply 0x008, because I think this is how Intro CS should be taught ;)

Right now you have courses like Harvard CS 50 where the final project is basically a "Flappy Bird" clone. Which is great for sparking interest. But I'd rather see a strong foundation in computational probability. Providing a more solid intro to machine learning later on. And implementing classic problems like Monte Hall, Simpsons Paradox, or monte carlo sims of casino games is not trivial. Detail oriented design is a byproduct of those exercises. I think back on my own journey and of course the first program I wrote was probably something like command line blackjack!

Well, I guess that's a fair enough reason. Maybe I am a bit biased since I have a Msc in Stat and I had to go through this stuff in more than a handful of lectures.

Just thought I was missing something :)

Stuff like this gets posted here all the time, it's quite hard to miss really. We (HN readers) like this kind of content.

Don't get me wrong, I also do appreciate this kind of content.

I just downloaded the book and glanced over the content. While I've a physical copy of the book by prof. John Tskilis, I will use this as a reference. I'm particularly interested in chapter 9 that deals with the applications in Python.

Like wise. Explanations is this book appear accessible, the use of color is a nice touch too. I look forward to reviewing this more.

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