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The issue with Clojure is that it really gained too much popularity before it was ready. Ready has a lot of implications. IDE support, debuggers, libraries, documentation, books, etc. While it is a good language and has a number of things going for it. It seems that the books and community added too much hype too soon. This caused new users to come, then go.

I don't know if I agree with you that Clojure's too popular right now, but I completely agree with you that the phenomenon exists in general. Rails back in the early days experienced a huge influx of PHP refugees, who significantly lowered the signal-to-noise ratio in the community.

I use a language's Freenode channel is a general barometer of the state of its community's health, and I notice no more questions from bandwagon jumpers who have no clue whatsoever of what they're getting into on #clojure than I ever did on #scheme. I use those two channels for comparison because the sort of questions in question are similar: based on received assumptions that are counterproductive to being effective.

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