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Oh god I so hope that Rich ignores this. A "just say yes" mindset is incredibly dangerous; yeah, ok, a trillion people use C++ but that doesn't make it a good language. Clojure to date has been built with great discipline, and it would be tragic to see it go off those rails in the hopes of satisfying a huge mass-market that a) Clojure is fundamentally unsuited for and b) will never be happy regardless. When I say that Clojure is fundamentally unsuited for a certain "mass-market" I don't mean that it shouldn't or won't catch on and into i.e., the TIOBE top 10 -- just that it can't be everything to everyone, and shouldn't try to be. It's a wonderful language that understands what it tries to be, and I hope the Rich never forgets those underlying intuitions on (state, identity, functionalism). Abandoning that discipline own't make it any more powerful, but will just muddy the language to try and satisfy people who won't be impressed because of it.

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