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jonknee 1095 days ago | link | parent

It curiously thinks I was in New Orleans last December, but I haven't been there in ages.

mortenjorck 1095 days ago | link

It's giving me some strangely detailed results in Las Vegas, even following US 95, but I've never been there in my life. Meanwhile, none of the time I've spent visiting the Bay Area is showing up. At home in Chicago, though, it all looks about right.

Quite curious.


After scrolling through the timeline, it appears that my most recent Bay Area trip coincides with the Las Vegas location data. What happens in SF stays in Vegas?


mcdaid 1094 days ago | link

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


xentronium 1095 days ago | link



jonknee 1095 days ago | link

I haven't been anywhere near New Orleans in ages, so I don't think that's the cause.


gcarswell 1095 days ago | link

your phone has;)


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