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The Facebook app and Windows app scenarios are not comparable. Microsoft knows that the only reason Windows has succeeded as much as it has is because of its vast and deep pool of applications. As such, there is an incentive for Microsoft to allow a relative amount of freedom when developing Windows applications. Indeed, a bare operating system is quite useless without applications to run on it.

Facebook, on the other hand, became successful without any of the additional third party applications that use it as a platform today. A "bare" Facebook, without any third party apps, retains quite a lot in the way of functionality. This means that Facebook's interests are much less aligned with yours than Microsoft's.

Facebook became popular without apps, true, but they have yet to prove how successful they are. Zynga is more profitable than facebook itself, that must mean something. It's just speculation, but i believe things will change as growth starts to plateau and everyone has caught up with their old schoolmates. As for microsoft, well, remember netscape.

Zynga is more profitable than Facebook itself, that must mean something.

Yes, it means something. The question is what.

It might mean that Facebook has strong incentive to steal Zynga's business.

Considering there are rumblings that Zynga is casting about for other platforms, Zynga might think so.

If Facebook could be the home of many profitable apps that it had fair and transparent way of taking a cut from, then you could feel like Facebook was likely to keep its ecosystem working. Until then, it seems like anyone building on Facebook is subject to continuous risk of, as you imply, a sea-change in Facebook's operations.

But that s what fb is already doing. They have a long term agreement with zynga to use fb credits exclusively, and they are extending that exclusivity to all developers starting this July

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