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VPN Comparative Speed Test [pdf] (av-test.org)
5 points by souf_56 23 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

This is a really nice report, I find it frustrating when you read a review and don't have all of the information how the tests were conducted. Great for a meticulous person like myself. Also, the company is from Germany, I know this is a stereotype, but whenever I see something engineered or tested in Germany, I always feel that it has a higher level of quality.

I don't know, since my internet is so fast I don't really feel the dip in speed when I use a VPN anymore. I suppose this is relevant for people who download a lot of files or have slower internet.

Seems like a legitimate company, the test results are laid out in a pretty clear way as well, could have done the tests in more locations though.

Sponsored by NordVPN, and unsurprisingly, NordVPN comes out as the fastest.

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