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I met my first girlfriend in Dekaron (AKA 2moons, an mmorpg) when I was a kid, in 2007ish. I met her in a map for mid-leveled players. We played together in a party, talked a bit, she let me know she was a girl, and she accepted my proposition to be my girlfriend. Then I let her go AFK and leech experience off of me while I was grinding. 3 hours later, it hit me she might not have been a girl, and she was still AFK.

I unfriended that username and never saw them again. Definitely fun while it lasted.

Haha, I used to use this method to pickup MUD chicks. Except I left the grinding to my scripts and tried to convince the girl to cyber in another channel. Pretty sure most of them were dudes.

I ended up meeting many people from networked rpgs over the years, including some actual women, and formed several life long friendships.

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