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Co-founder/CEO of Pixie here.

EBPF allows you to access static tracepoints that are defined in many runtime, and can be used to capture information about the state of the runtime.

Since most VM’s/runtimes allow monkey patching you can usually get to the same level of information without using EBPF. We plan to add support for this in Pixie in the future and provide a seamless experience regardless of what underlying tracing technology is used.

Lots of good stuff from Brendan Gregg here: http://www.brendangregg.com/Slides/Velocity2017_BPF_superpow...

Great to see that zasgar. Monkey patching is pretty gnarly to replace functions at load time or in JVM/.NET CLR. Python is easier. Every version change, the monkey patch has to be updated. But you can get a lot of good value from it in the form of performance charts and call graphs of an application. It would be great value if you could reduce the gnarliness of the monkey patching work and possibly replace it with a simple configuration file. Have to look into eBPF in more detail.

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