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This seems to be one of those narrow stats that misses the meta around it.

There's more meta around it.

People in this age group seem to switch jobs a lot. This roughly falls in line with what Gallop found with regards to your average Millennial: https://www.gallup.com/workplace/231587/millennials-job-hopp...

Anecdotally, among the people I graduated with, I'm unique in that I'm with the same company and field since graduation. Almost everyone I know who is about 35 has switched jobs once or twice. A lot have moved from tech to other areas too.

... parental leave, better working hours and the ability to show apathy towards your job. Tech gives you none.

I 100% disagree here - it depends on your employer, this isn't a "tech" thing. Again, this is anecdotal, but my employer offers parental leave above and beyond what is mandated by the state and federally and was allowing all kinds of work from arrangements and flexible scheduling even before COVID. Of my female colleagues, none left their job, let alone tech, because of work related issues after recently having a child.

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