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If you look at a piece of software like Facebook, it used to be much simpler several years ago. Features like games, dating, marketplace and videos have been added, but I think that the large majority of users only cares about messaging, sharing content and events.

FB is adding features to try to keep users on the site, and as a competitive moat, but in the process, they are making the user interface increasingly hard to navigate... There's just so much going on. I know that multiple times, I was looking for the place on my profile, trying to find where I could see all the photos I'd uploaded, and not finding it.

I'm not sure FB videos is really good for users. YouTube offers a much better service, that's searchable from the outside. FB dating is currently terrible compared to OKCupid and even Tinder. It definitely looks like bloat.

That being said, I agree with you about OSS projects being simple by necessity. I've had to give up a successful OSS project I started because reviewing pull requests was becoming a second job on top of my full-time day job.

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