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Show HN: Life Calendar – Your Life in Weeks (vercel.app)
106 points by ngduc 32 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 39 comments

Nice, here is another more detailed version I made a few years back off the back of a rather excellent wait but why article :) https://labs.coruscantconsulting.co.uk/life/weeks/

What I find funny on that chart is that retirement is default at 62. I don't think that will be the average when I want to retire in 30 years.

Found this chrome extension which puts this calendar in your new tab


Awesome! One request: can you give the option to toggle the life phases on the left? I.e. not everybody goes to uni. In Australia we also go straight from high-school to uni rather than college but there is no option to remove college. Great little visualiser though!

You can set college to zero years, and it’ll skip that phase.

I did exactly this and then realized I couldn't see the difference in colour between high school and university.

This one was great. Seeing what this looks like for me and where I'm at actually brought me a sense of peace and joy. I like how I'm a fair bit into my career but still have so much of it left.

Something is not right. First week says:

  1 years and 1 weeks old. Week 1 of your life

Repo - https://github.com/ngduc/life-calendar

Live website - https://life-calendar-in-weeks.vercel.app


- React, CRA - Recoil - Chakra-ui - Date-fns

I have made (and posted here a while ago) an app that gives you a PDF that you can download, print and mark off at home.


Also related: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/12/the-tail-end.html

"It turns out that when I graduated from high school, I had already used up 93% of my in-person parent time. I’m now enjoying the last 5% of that time. We’re in the tail end."

A project like this from Russia https://timestripe.com/

On the one hand it's scary, on the other - it helps to appreciate whatever we have left. Thank you.

Exactly, that's why I created this little app, as a reflection.

After reading Tim Urban's article 52 weeks, I made a simple excel spreadsheet with 12*4=48 columns, & 90 rows. Each row is January 1 of year, first row being my birth year. All data, color, shading is manual.

Each column is 1 week having dotted vertical border, each month 4 weeks, having solid border. Any event happening between 1st & 7th of month means first week, between 8-14 2nd week, 15-21 3rd week & 22nd & onwards is 4th week. My birth, schoop start, 5th, 8th, 10th class of school, college, first job, my sibling's births, my major family events, my movings to other cities countries, my travels all get a concise text note. Me staying on an address gets same shade for the duration.

Could you share the template -- I find it a bit difficult to visualize?

Definitely fun to look at, but does it calculate correctly (or am I not quite understanding it?)?! If I put in my DOB as 1970-09-27 I the 50 square should be today, right? Except I'm actually 10 weeks past the 50 square?

I've just fixed it, it's closer but still not super accurate as there are leap years and a year has about 52.143 weeks. I'll look more into that later :)

Hi, it takes the first event's date as the first box, then renders weeks (boxes) after that.

I have the same problem - my birthday is a couple of weeks in the future, but gets rendered in the past. I edited the options so that the only event was my actual day of birth.

Is it just calling all years exactly 52 weeks long?

I'm not sure what that means ("my birthday is a couple of weeks in the future"). If you could take a screenshot and paste just the sample data, that'll be great! Thanks.

Sure - what email or other non-public place can I send that to? If you'd rather not post contact info here, you can contact me at my hn handle @gmail.com

What I mean is that my actual birthday falls in October, but the weeks display is displaying the week where I turn X as having happened a few weeks ago. I'm being a bit vague because I'd rather not publicly post my exact birthday and age, but I believe you can recreate the same issue using the input posted by iamben above - saying you are born on <today's date> 1970, shows the week where you turned 50 as having happened many weeks in the past, when it should obviously be this week (or +/- 1 week at most due to dates being complicated)

Thanks a lot for explaining! I've just fixed it, it's closer but still not super accurate as there are leap years and a year has about 52.143 weeks. I'll look more into that later :)

Awesome, thanks! It looks a lot better for my data :)

When I see this I treat the first decade as pointless to think about because it's childhood. 10-20 I had to finish school, went to college. 20-25 was very sub-optimal for me, but 25-35 has been quite good.

Same here :) around 23 I came to the realization that I'm truly free to live my life as I please. Now 25, I imagine myself as two years old, seeing the world for the first time. It's truly a wonderful feeling.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you put your sprint points in every square. Ok one Week sprints are a bit short but for the sake of the argument...

Well that would be amazing and dreadful at the same time

I made a similar data-vizualization inspired by Tim Urban's Life Calendar:




No way to save? Forgets when I reload. Nice idea though, have pondered maintaining something like this for a while.

Edit: never mind, I see localStorage on the todo list.

it can save data to localStorage now :)

This is super cool!

I hope it more feature added in the future.

edit: coloring periods is definitely needed.

I'm glad you like it. Definitely I will add more features in the next few days. Coloring period is a nice idea. Thanks!

I always thought to have something like this. Very nice. Thank you.

Glad you like it. I've been using it to see for myself for a while :)

Okay the default was way to close to my actual numbers and I sincerely wondered if it was pulling logged-in data from some site.

Also, the default table only goes up to 90?

Hi, the default is 90 for now to keep the table bit shorter. What do you mean by 'actual numbers'? There is no pulling data in this webapp.

Actual numbers as in my actual age! I was definitely creeped out.

Really cool visualizer

I had the same surprised reaction. Late 30s is a cruel age range to do that to, too; we’re freaking out!

I think it's ok to freak out. It's better be sooner than later to freak out :)

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