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I imagine word of mouth has been a big factor for Dropbox. Who here has not at some point sung the holy gospel of Dropbox to someone else? Especially study groups.

Amongst layman's or techies (coders, etc.) Most "normal" people don't seem to know what DropBox is outside of "introduction" via a "techie." Very anecdotal..it would be interesting to note paying vs free users, which could be (very lightly) related to layman / techie usage (VERY lightly).

Their affiliate program apparently has helped immensely with their growth. http://www.quora.com/How-effective-is-Dropboxs-referral-prog... "As of Apr 2010, the referral program with 2 sided incentive permanently increased signups by 60%

September 2008: 100,000 registered users January 2010 (15 mos later): 4,000,000 Mostly from word-of-mouth and viral: 35% of daily signups from referral program 20% from shared folders, other viral features Sustained 15-20%+ month-over-month growth since launch"

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