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Tell HN: Ann Arbor-Detroit HN Group
17 points by antidaily on Apr 18, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
Just an email list for now. Hopefully, it will serve as a useful resource for startup news/questions and potential meetups (May?).

Join us: http://groups.google.com/group/hn-ann-arbor-detroit

Great, also look into a2geeks for more local meetups: http://a2geeks.org/display/geek/Groups

One group of particular interest to people here might be http://www.a2newtech.org/ (monthly meetups with presentations of new startups and startup ideas).

Awesome. Be sure to checkout http://startupdigest.com, Michigan edition. I am a curator.

BTW, I am in Bham too.

Also, stop by the Tech Brewery for Beer:30 (every) Friday at 4:30 pm - http://techbrewery.org

And in May, don't miss http://leanstartupmi.com with Eric Ries, Dan Martell, Brant Cooper, and a bunch of Valley/Michigan investors and founders (including 2 YC companies) presenting. It's going to rock!

You should all come out to Funded By Night as well. http://fundedbynight.com -- tickets are just $10 for students and if you aren't a student just use the code "HN" and I'll get you the student discount.

Micah Baldwin (Graphicly) & Noah Kagan (AppSumo) will be speaking there...

If you live outstate there's Hackers and Hustlers in East Lansing which meets this Wednesday. Theres also a Hackers and Hustlers chapter that has formed in Kalamazoo. Best place for information is on their page on Facebook. Some interesting discussions going on there.

Figure this is as good a place as any to ask - I'm a graduating U of M senior looking for a developer partner this summer for a few ventures. Let me know if anyone around Ann Arbor is interested!

I feel like we've talked...your name seems familiar. If you're still looking for someone next term, hit me up (I'm otherwise occupied this summer).

Also graduating this May and looking for dev partner :)

Also be sure to check out Coffee House Coders, there are several locations now, http://coffeehousecoders.org/

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